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Greens Lead Syracuse Protest on Utility Rate Hike

Howie Hawkins, former Green Party candidate for governor, tells protesters why National Grid should be audited before the state Public Service Commission rules on a proposed rate hike. Also in this video, Renee Vogelsang, an organizer for the CNY Public Power Coalition, leads about three dozen protesters in chants against National Grid. Video by John [...]

Outraged [Green Party] Teachers Apply for Jobs at Hearst

By Sarah Kate Kramer, WNYC


A day after Cathie Black received a waiver from the state education commissioner so she could take the top job in the New York City public school system, a small group of Green Party members responded by staging a protest at her old place of employment, Hearst Corporation headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. Five of them walked through the glass doors to apply for Black’s job as chairwoman of the publishing giant. 

Gloria Mattera, a public school parent and former Green Party candidate for lieutenant governor said that she knew she went in without the necessary prerequisites for the job.

“You will see if you review my resume that I am absolutely unqualified to run a publishing company, which is exactly what Cathie Black is to run the NYC Public School system.”

Also in the group was retired teacher Betty Davis. She said Bloomberg’s pick of Cathie Black amounted to an outrageous double standard. Davis recalled how in the nineteen sixties it was difficult for African Americans to get hired for administrative positions at the city’s public schools, because they were told they didn’t have enough qualifications. “Now here we are and it’s 2010, and they’ve changed the game again. They’re saying we waive qualifications,” Davis said.

Another retired public school teacher, Tom Siracuse, who is also the co-chair of the Manhattan Green Party, drew laughs when he told a crowd of reporters he was brushing up on the publishing business by reading a book, in preparation for doing Black’s job.

Retired public school teacher Tom Siracuse is applying for Cathie Black’s job at the Hearst Corporation.

The group of five protesters ended up getting stopped by the director of security at Hearst, with whom they left their resumes. Meanwhile, Black herself spent the morning touring a public school in the Bronx. She starts her new job as chancellor on January 3.


It’s another ‘royal screwup’ as sample ballots are printed with wrong directions for voters

BY Frank Lombardi and Corky Siemaszko 

DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS, Friday, October 22nd 2010

If you try voting for Carl Paladino (l.) on the ballot, you may actually cast your vote for Howie Hawkins because of an instructions foul up by the Board of Elections.

A vote for Republican Carl Paladino could actually be a vote for Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins – if you follow the directions printed on the November ballot.

In what appears to be yet another “royal screwup,” the city Board of Elections printed a sample ballot that instructs voters to fill the “oval above” a candidate’s name.

The correct oval is actually below each candidate’s name.

“This is a problem that should have been caught ahead of time,” said Larry Norden at the Brennan Center for Justice, which sussed out the snafu. “It may be too late to fix the ballot before the Nov. 2 elections.”

Without acknowledging the goof, the Board of Elections quickly issued a statement saying instructions specifying that voters “need to fill in the oval below the candidate name they wish to vote for” would be placed in the privacy booths on election day.

Also, palm cards with instructions that include a photo of a correctly marked oval will be distributed at polling sites, Board spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez-Riveranoted.

Neal Rosenstein, voting coordinator for the New York Public Interest Research Group, said the error won’t have a large impact on voters because most don’t even read the instructions.

“Still, in a very close election that comes down to a handful of votes, that could affect the outcome,” Rosenstein said.

Meanwhile, the 4 million how-to-vote mailers the Board spent $1.1 million on were getting poor reviews from some senior citizens, who complained they were hard to open.

Vazquez-Rivera said they have received no complaints about the mailer, which was designed to increase New Yorkers’ familiarity with the new voting machines after many people had trouble using them in the September primary.

That election had so many glitches Mayor Bloomberg deemed it a “royal screwup.”

The Board took more flak earlier this month for failing to ship absentee ballots to New York troops serving overseas in a timely fashion.

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