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Howie Hawkins and Ralph Nader Live on the Capital Pressroom

Howie Hawkins and Ralph Nader with Susan Arbetter, from a live broadcast of the Capital Pressroom on 10/20/10. Listen.

Romanelli to Seek Legal Redress Against Democrats

By John Morgan The Pennsylvania Progressive, February 21, 2010 Carl Romanelli, the Pennsylvania Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006 will seek legal redress in the courts against Democrats who threw him off the ballot using legislative staffers working on public time and with public resources. I asked Mr. Romanelli whether he and Ralph [...]

Liberals Are Useless

[From TruthDig] Liberals Are Useless By Chris Hedges Image by Getty Images via Daylife Liberals are a useless lot. They talk about peace and do nothing to challenge our permanent war economy. They claim to support the working class, and vote for candidates that glibly defend the North American Free Trade Agreement. They insist they [...]

John Lennon & Yoko Ono interview Ralph Nader on Mike Douglas

John Lennon Yoko interview Ralph Nader on Mike Douglas Excerpt 2

Where’s My Change?

by Ralph Nader Image via Wikipedia “No more fine print; no more confusing terms and conditions.” This is what Barack Obama told a White House gathering of leading credit card issuers this week. Right afterward, President Obama told the press that “there has to be strong and reliable protections for consumers, protections that ban unfair [...]

Ron Paul Press Conference Unifies Third Party and Independent Candidates Around Four Key Positions

[From American Chronicle] Kevin Zeese, September 10, 2008 “… the process of U.S. presidential elections is as Rep. Paul said a “charade, collusion of the two parties and the media” where they “pretend great differences where there is none” and where neither party really “addresses subjects that are majority positions…” Polls Indicate Non-Duopoly Candidates Could [...]

Nader Not Seeking Green Party Nomination

[From] [Well it is nice that that is finally clarified. -RS] By ANN SANNER The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader selected Matt Gonzalez, a former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, to be his running mate. “I want someone who shares my sense of justice and opposition [...]