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Colin Beavan(G): Hakeem Jeffries Tries to Buy Election, Hides from Voters

Hakeem Jeffries Using Wall Street Money to Try to Buy Election while Hiding Himself from Voters, Says Fellow Candidate

Colin Beavan

As Brooklyn Congressional candidate Hakeem Jeffries (D) declines yet another opportunity to appear in a live debate before voters, fellow candidate Colin Beavan (Green) has raised grave concerns about Mr. Jeffries’ choice to put fundraising from Wall Street before speaking to Brooklyn voters. Mr. Jeffries has so far refused all but a single opportunity to appear in a live debate before citizens but has raised nearly $750,000, much of it from investment bankers and corporate lawyers. The June 20 debate he has declined to participate in is the final one before the Democratic primary six days later.

“Mr. Jeffries is attempting to use money contributed by Wall Street bankers and their lawyers to buy himself a Congressional seat through advertising while hiding himself from voters. It suggests his loyalty goes more to the people who pay for his ads than the voters he hopes to represent. This is exactly how traditional party politicians created the crisis in our country’s democracy,” said Beavan.

The United Community Centers and Brooklyn for Peace invited all four candidates in Brooklyn’s 8th Congressional District to East New York for the June 20 debate without input from any of the campaigns. Yesterday Mr. Beavan’s campaign learned from the debate organizers that Mr. Jeffries has chosen not to appear and will apparently send a “proxy” to answer questions on his behalf.

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Green Party prepares for the ‘Occupy May Day’ General Strike

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party members will participate in the May 1 General Strike organized by the Occupy Movement and the May 1 Coalition and will join thousands of union members, students, immigrants, and others across the US in the first national strike in the nation’s history, with simultaneous strikes in other countries.

Rallies, marches, and picket lines are planned for over 115 cities to assert the rights of working people and democracy, in the face of growing power of financial elites over government and the lives of the”99 percent” and the threat this represents to the future of the US.

“The Occupy Movement is nonpartisan and is not affiliated with any political party, including the Green Party. But the presence of Greens in Occupy protests, including the May Day strike, is a reminder that the demands of the Occupy Movement will be represented on the ballot on Election Day. They won’t be represented by the Wall Street candidates — Republicans and Democrats — but by Green candidates,who accept no money from corporate PACs,” said Ursula Rozum, peace activist and organizer in Syracuse, NY, and Green Party candidate for Congress in New York’s 24th Congressional district.

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VIDEO: Cheri Honkala Visits Occupy Wall Street |


Cheri Honkala visits Occupy Wall Street from Jason Bosch on Vimeo.

Green Party: “Obama has joined the GOP war against working people.”

Obama has joined the GOP war against working people with his announced intention to roll back Social Security and Medicare Agreement with Republicans would gut key protections for Americans, push retirement savings in the Wall Street casino, and will mean “work till you die” for many working people; it’s time for the ‘Green New Deal’ [...]

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