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Stein appears on Howard University Television

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared on The Rock Newman Show on WHUT-TV, Howard University Television in Washington, D.C. The full video runs 57 minutes.

Maryland’s Flowers calls for congressional action on uranium mines

Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers is calling for congressional action to address the impacts of the more than 15,000 abandoned and exposed hazardous uranium mines throughout the United States. Flowers works with Clean Up The Mines! and Popular Resistance, which are meeting this week in Washington to raise awareness of the continuing […]

Growing Movement For And Against Charter Schools

By Tom Siracuse: More than 1.6 million students attend 5,000 charters in the U.S.. Only 10 states have no charters. Los Angeles and Detroit have around 70,000 students each in charters and Washington D.C.’s charters account for 58% of its public ... Read more »

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