Green Party Member Files Paperwork Against Notary in Petition Controversy

ORNING, N.Y. (WETM-18) – A local member of the Green Party who had his name fraudulently circulated for a possible run in the 23rd Congressional District is taking action against the man responsible.

Darin Robbins says he has filed paperwork with the New York Department of State, looking to have Aaron Keister’s notary public license revoked. WETM first brought you this story back in May, when magazine Mother Jones said “shenanigans” were being pulled in the district by a Republican operative.

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Green Party Nominates Hawkins/Jones for Gubernatorial Ticket

Jimenez wins AG nod, Portelli for Comptroller

howie.jpg Howie Hawkins won the Green Party nomination for Governor in Troy on Saturday, setting up a rematch with Andrew Cuomo. Hawkins says he plans to challenge the 1% tag team of Cuomo and Republican nominee Astorino on economic, climate change and criminal justice issues. Hawkins also wants NY to go carbon free with a 100%, clean renewable energy by 2030, while providing a public living wage job to any New Yorker who needs one.

The Greens selected NYC Educator Brian Jones to highlight their opposition to Cuomo’s education policies promoting privatization of the education system, including his promotion of the Common Core agenda and charter schools. The Greens are seeking full funding to meet the educational needs of New Yorkers, including free tuition at CUNY and SUNY.

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Brian Jones: Green Party Lt. Governor Press Conference

Brian Jones is a New York City-based teacher, activist, and socialist. He will seek the Green Party nomination to be their candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York. The Green Party of New York will select gubernatorial candidates at their May 17th convention in Troy, NY.

Brian Jones is an educator and longtime activist who has fought tirelessly in defense of public education — against high stakes testing, against the proliferation of charter schools and their role in deepening racial and economic inequality, and against the related scapegoating of public school teachers and their unions. Jones seeks to run on a ticket that would be headed by gubernatorial candidate nominee and Teamster Howie Hawkins.

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Arizona Green Party Files Lawsuit Against February 28 Petition Deadline for Newly-Qualifying Parties


On February 25, the Arizona Green Party filed a federal lawsuit against the February 28 petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties. The case is Arizona Green Party v Bennett, 2:14cv-375.

There are no reported precedents that have ever upheld a petition deadline for a newly-qualifying party earlier than April. The Arizona Green Party has been working very hard on its petition to get back on the ballot, but it needs another few weeks to finish. The requirement is 23,041 valid signatures.

The original Arizona ballot access law, passed in 1891 when Arizona was still a territory, had a deadline of 20 days before the general election for newly-qualifying parties. In 1909, when the territory instituted primaries, the deadline was moved to 30 days before the September primary. In 1970 the deadline was advanced to 60 days before the primary. In 1979 the deadline was advanced to 115 days before the primary. In 2000 it was advanced to 180 days before the primary. In 2009 the primary was moved from early September to late August.

Thus, over the past century, the deadline has moved from October, to August, to July, to May, to March, to February. If the current deadline had been in effect in 1912, Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Party could not have been on the Arizona ballot. If the current deadline had been in effect in 1854, the Republican Party, which was formed on July 6, 1854, could not have been on the ballot.