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The Kerry Quandary

The Kerry Quandary
Three hundred million people in this great Republic and we get these two to vote for.

by Michael M. Thomas

Three hundred million people in this great Republic and we get these two to vote for. It is what the late political analyst James Durante would have called “a revolting development!”

Colorado Electoral Reform Has Support

“A proposal to change how Colorado allocates its presidential electoral votes is winning by double digits, according to a Rocky Mountain News/News4 poll — but a majority of voters don’t feel strongly either way.”

“Amendment 36 would scrap the traditional ‘winner take all’ system and award Colorado’s electoral votes proportionally, based on popular vote. It would be the first such system in the nation, and it would apply immediately to the November presidential vote.”

News on this story.

Open Debates

Dear Open Debates Supporters,

We have lots of news:

*We have achieved some small but significant victories! 1) For the first time in 16 years, the contract drafted by the Republican and Democratic campaigns ˆ the 2004 Memorandum of Understanding ˆ has been made public. Now, the general public and the media can hold the candidates accountable for the debates they have designed. 2) For the first time in 12 years, there will be more than just one moderator asking the questions. The CPD proposed moderators for the first time in its history, and the candidates accepted those four moderators. These small, but significant changes, are a DIRECT result of Open Debates supporters’ hard work. (You can read the related press release at:

*This weekend, Bill Moyers‚ Now program is broadcasting an in-depth report on our debate reform project! The show typically airs at 9pm on Friday on PBS, but please check local listings because show times vary at: Also, ABC News will broadcasting a shorter piece on our work on Sunday, and CNN will be broadcasting an interview with Open Debates‚ Executive Director George Farah on Sunday, at 3pm.

*Our poll results have arrived! Thank you to all who helped make this poll possible. The independent pollster Zogby International polled over 1000 likely voters nationwide, and found that a significant majority of voters would prefer a debate that included third-party and independent candidates. The poll also found that 57 percent of voters want to see Ralph Nader included in the upcoming 2004 debates. Of the four third-party and independent candidates that have a potential of being on enough state ballots to win an Electoral College majority, only Nader attracted support for inclusion from a majority of those polled. If Nader maintains his ballot status, he will meet the criteria of the Citizens‚ Debate Commission. For the press release and full results, please visit:

*You can read a recent piece of ours in the Boston Globe, co-authored by Jesse Ventura and George Farah:

Thank you for your support!
— The Open Debates Team

George Bush’s Resume

George Bush’s Resume : Idaho Indymedia

Kerry’s Resume

Savannah Area Republican Women

KERRY SHOTGUN UPDATE: Reportedly, Kerry has…

KERRY SHOTGUN UPDATE: Reportedly, Kerry has returned the shotgun that produced so much unfavorable attention.


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