Green Party To Pick Slate

GreenParty To Pick Slate
Hartford Courant, United States –
The GreenParty will nominate candidates for statewide office Saturday at a convention scheduled to coincide with the annual observance of Earth Day.

Another Candidate For Governor


Another Candidate For Governor
April 18, 2006 at 8:06 am by Elizabeth Benjamin

Malachy McCourt
Author Malachy McCourt plans to formally announce at the end of this month he’s seeking the Green Party line for governor.

He’s probably best known as the brother of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt, although Malachy McCourt is an author in his own right, having penned “A Monk Swimming,? and several other books.

His candidacy is likely old news in Green Party circles, but on April 30 in Huntington, L.I., he will make it official, according to a press release from his campaign manager. Malachy McCourt is running on a platform of promoting peace, ridding New York of nuclear energy, raising disability awareness and abolishing the death penalty.  

It’s a safe bet the Greens are looking to win back their ballot line, which they lost in 2002 when their gubernatorial candidate, Stanley Aronowitz, a little-known CUNY professor, fell several hundred votes short of the 50,000 necessary to keep their official party status.

The Liberal Party, which had backed Andrew Cuomo for governor and was subsequently stuck with him after he dropped out of the running one week before the Democatic primary, and the Right-to-Life Party both also lost their ballot lines in 2002.

The Green Party first won official recognition in New York in 1998 when it ran the late Al “Grandpa? Lewis, of “The Munsters? T.V. show fame, for governor. Lewis received 52,533 votes that year.

Father of Pa. man beheaded in Iraq seeks House seat in Delaware

Father of Pa. man beheaded in Iraq seeks House seat in Delaware
Contra Costa Times, CA –
The same ready-to-protest wear that he dons for demonstrations is part of his everyday appearance as he campaigns for Congress on the GreenParty ticket: jeans

Environmentalist pondering run for Green party leadership
Environmentalist pondering run for Greenparty leadership
Calgary Sun, Canada –
OTTAWA — Elizabeth May, one of the country’s best-known environmental activists, is pondering a run for leadership of the floundering GreenParty of Canada.
Veteran environmentalist ponders GreenParty leadership runToronto Star
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Green Party call for gay guidelines to be sent to schools
GreenParty call for gay guidelines to be sent to schools, UK –
Brighton & Hove GreenParty today called on their council to send copies of the government’s new guidance on Sex & Relationships Education to all local schools
Greens Call for Council to Promote New Sex Ed GuidanceUK Gay News (press release)
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Coverage of the Green Party local election launch

[From Philobiblon]

The BBC goes very straight:

The Green Party hopes to have more than 100 councillors after the local elections in England on 4 May. The party is calling for good local services within walking distance and protection for local businesses. The Greens already have 70 council seats including six in Oxford, where they hold the balance of power. The party’s Caroline Lucas told the BBC they did not expect to win overall control in any council but were hopeful of boosting numbers of councillors….

The politics wonks’ site,, is into the numbers:

Launching its poll push on Tuesday, the party said it was fielding a total of 1,294 candidates. There will be a particular focus on London, where 567 of the candidates are standing. Camden, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Lewisham and Merton are among the London boroughs where the party is hoping to make gains…

The Guardian, meanwhile, takes the anti-Conservative, national politics line:

The Greens are grateful to David Cameron for pushing environmental issues up the political agenda, the MEP Caroline Lucas said yesterday as the party began its local election campaign. But Ms Lucas, who represents south-east England in the European parliament, added that the Tories had no policies to back up their claims to care for the environment. She believed their leader’s promise to lead a green revolution was a case of “the emperor’s new clothes”, which was bound to backfire. At the Greens’ press conference in London, Ms Lucas said every time Mr Cameron was asked “to deliver on a specific policy proposal, you see him ducking and diving, slipping and sliding”. She added: “When people see the lack of substance behind his rhetoric, that can only do us good.”…

I went out for a short canvassing session on the council estate on which I live last night (when the rain stopped). And I was surprised anew at the highly positive response I got. The Labour Party really is in the stink with its traditional supporters. ***
I was also pleased to see this morning that Jean Lambert, the other English Green MEP, has taken up the case of the murdered Thai human rights lawyer Somchai Neelaphaijit.

MEPs Jean Lambert, from Britain, and Frithjof Schmidt, from Germany, also asked the Council if it had communicated to the Thai government its concern over security threats to Somchai’s wife, Angkhana. Angkhana has been threatened on several occasions and warned not to pursue her husband’s disappearance, most recently last month. The issue of allegations of torture by members of the Thai security forces and its effect on Thai-EU relations was also raised by the MEPs. posted by Natalie Bennett at 9:32 AM  

Green party candidate a first for NS

Greenparty candidate a first for NS, Canada –
Halifax Citadel voters will see a first in Nova Scotia politics in June — a Greenparty candidate on a provincial ballot. The

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