Green is colourful

Green is colourful

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Volker’s car

Volker’s car

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Green Party election poster

Green Party election poster

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Week Number One

[From the BrocWok blog]

Week Number One
What’s warm? : Jude Law

What’s greenish? : Ten Key Values of the Green Party (USA)

What’s fresh? : Sister Furong

What’s stinky? : Stinky Pete Instrumental Surf

Letter to Ring of Fire 

[From The Nate Report]


You are very wrong about multiple parties. What you are in fact doing is denying countless people the right to vote. When there is no party that I can identify with you have taken away my right to vote. Oh Goody, I can chose an upper middleclass liberal or a capitalist neo-con. So much for the populism you advocate.

I did vote Green in 2004 (not Nader) and before that had not voted since my 1992 Clinton mistake. The fact of the matter is if there was not a Green Party locally my only real choice would have been to stay home.

The constitution does not mandate a two party only an electoral college. States can determine how to divide those votes. This does not have to take the form winner take all. The real constraints are state laws not the constitution.

Until the Dems realize third parties are to their advantage and support an atmosphere where they can florish they will continue to lose. What we need is consensus on a system of multiple parties within a unified left.

This means pushing IRV where one makes a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. Under such a system if a Green or Nader does not get enough of the vote it would go to a Kerry. Our modern society is far too complex to put everyone in two boxes without throwing a lot of the issues and voters in the trash.

Also, get you facts straight. Nader is not nor never was a Green. The Green Party is the only party that is taking a stand against the Iraq War, for universal health care, a living wage, universal sick time, and a host of other issues.

Just popping in again

[From freak_in_need: ]

Kaye (freak_in_need) wrote,

Just popping in again
A cookie recipe and some ETH later, and I feel better. And motivated to actually get up and do something.
I’ve been researching the Green Party and am seriously considering registering to vote as a Green, because they do not depend on money from corporations and are therefore somewhat less subject to extreme corruption. I need to learn more, and once I do I may even start bugging people to jump on my bandwagon. Opinions? Pretend it’s a poll, I don’t have a paid account so I can’t do a real one.

Is it about acting Blue?

[From Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print]

Congratulations and thanks are to be given to MoveOn, True Majority, and Democracy for America for facilitating the anti-war vigils of two nights ago. Even the Republican Party is now standing up and taking notice of the popular opposition to the Iraq War, thanks to demonstrations like these.

However, it is important for progressive activists to now ask themselves – are these organizations the backbone of the movement we seek to create? Some activist citizens, especially those who are members of Democracy for America, seem to operate this way, taking emails from these organizations as their primary calls to action. When the organization needs support, they are there to provide it, trusting that if the organization promotes a cause, it must be worth their attention.

Unfortunately, some of these progressive activist organizations sometimes ask us to support causes that do more to promote the interests of the establishment Democrats than to further the progressive cause. MoveOn, for example, is asking its members to support the re-election campaign of Senator Bill Nelson, who is one of the most conservative Democrats in the United States Senate. MoveOn also wants us to help fund the senatorial campaign of Bob Casey, a pro-lifer with Republican ties, in spite of the fact that there is a solid progressive candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, Chuck Pennachio.

Then there’s ActBlue, an organization that seems to think that so long as a candidate is a Democrat, they’re worth supporting. ActBlue is asking us to support the re-election campaign of Representative Stephanie Herseth, who supported the invasion of Iraq and has been a longtime supporter of Republican schemes to increase the tax burden on working Americans while giving special tax favors to the rich. ActBlue also wants us to support the re-election of Representative James Matheson, who earns just a 15 percent progressive score on our legislative scorecard – half of his regressive conservative score.

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