Green Party Black Caucus

Green Party Black Caucus


It’s hard to criticize John Kerry these days. Apparently, every criticism of him is unfair. At least, we’re not supposed to criticize his time in Vietnam — or even what he’s said about Vietnam more recently — because that would be a “smear” (even when the Kerry campaign admits, as it has regarding Kerry’s Christmas-in-Cambodia claims, that he hasn’t been telling the truth). That he served in Vietnam 35 years ago, we’re told, tells us all we need to know about his character.

But what he did more recently, in testifying against his fellow soldiers and opposing the war after returning, doesn’t tell us anything about his character at all, because it was a long time ago — nearly 35 years! So we’re not supposed to talk about that.

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Massachusetts’ Republican lieutenant governor links Kerry to Dukakis

By STEVE LeBLANC, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey says John Kerry doesn’t spend a lot of time on the campaign trail discussing his brief stint as Michael Dukakis’ lieutenant governor. So she has decided to do it for him.

She calls the current Democratic nominee’s 1982-84 term part of the ”missing years” that he seeks to deny — and says it is up to Republicans to remind voters that Kerry once worked for the past Democratic nominee, who was soundly defeated in 1988 by then-Vice President George H.W. Bush.

”Democrats are never going to talk about Kerry’s record especially during the time when he was lieutenant governor for Dukakis. You will never hear the word Dukakis mentioned. They’re hiding him under a rock,” said Healey, who has a brief speaking role at the convention.
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Communists For Kerry

Communists for KERRY
As promised, on Sunday, August 29, 2004, Communists For Kerry spearheaded the Great Revolutionary Parade, leading thousands of unwashed workers, peasants, and toiling intelligentsia from many towns and villages of our great American Motherland, along the Seventh Ave. and past the Madison Square Garden, in celebration of our victory over the so-called “democratic process” that still exists in the bourgeois “republic” of America.

We demanded one-party rule – and the masses showed their resolute support! We demanded to arrest the delegates of the Republican Convention – and the masses unanimously agreed! We demanded the unconditional redistribution of rich Republican widows – and the masses said “when?”



NYC, August 29th: The Day of the ABB-ites

Frontlines staff

Organizers said up to 500,000 attended their August 29th demonstration in New York against Bush and his policies. This attendance, the chanted slogans and the enthusiasm of the crowd prove several things.

The first is the depth of hatred for Bush and his anti-working class, pro-war and anti-Civil Rights agenda. It was clear from the banners and slogans from the crowd that they were adamantly against all things Bush, particularly the war and occupation of Iraq.

While thousands of participants wore John Kerry buttons and T-Shirts and carried Kerry signs, the Democratic hawk was not favored by the crowd but only the “lesser evil” alternative. In fact, the crowd did not agree with Kerry on its main issues: Kerry voted for the war, the Patriot Act, does not support Gay marriage and so on.

That is why the speeches did not stress support for Kerry as much as opposition to Bush. On the other hand, the thousands of Greens and leftists who also participated were booed by the most liberal, “Anyone but Bush” – “No one but Kerry” – layers of the demonstration. This was particularly true for the contingent headed by Peter Camejo, which carried a big sign equating Democrats and Republicans in their positions on the war. Other demonstrators booed Camejo at several points in the demo.

The demonstration showed the strength and depth of the “Anyone but Bush” crowd. They are fired up and they believe in their mission to stop the “extreme right wing now occupying the White House.” They may actually be the deciding factor in November, even if that means helping undermine democracy itself in the process, through their hostility to the Nader/Camejo ticket.

Because this crowd, with their spirited demonstration of historic dimensions, is also precluding and pre-empting the development of any true opposition to the bipartisan policies of war and attacks on Civil Liberties that needs a political independent movement of mass characteristics. They are part of the struggle, but not the answer.

As the 9/11 Commission proved, the Democrats are for a “more efficient” war against terrorism and as the proposals by Kerry make very clear, the US cannot and should not “cut and run” from Iraq. Kerry hopes to win the occupation by sending more troops and re-establishing cooperation with other imperial centers.

The Democrats are for “reforming,” not repealing the Patriot Act. Kerry has said he is for a strong, centralized intelligence community with the ability to operate on domestic soil, investigating Americans, as well as continuing – more effectively – its disastrous operations abroad.

Greens, left organizations and those who understand the need for a real alternative — the building of a new left party based on the working class and the oppressed – must intensify their dialogue with the ABB crowd. They need to prepare the ground for when Kerry continues Bush policies, which Kerry will if he wins. Once this is clear, perhaps Greens and the rest of the left can at last lead millions in a decisive break with the Democrats, the jailhouse of every and all social movements.

Not capitulating to them — as the Green Party did nominanting ABB-ite David Cobb — but offering them an alternative on Election Day, but also actively pushing for the ABB-ites to be consistent with their call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq and the repeal of the Patriot Act.

The ABB crowd is in for a big disappointment and, to a certain degree, some members know it. That is why overt support and enthusiasm for Kerry was not there. As one eloquent pro-Bush journalist from the right pointed out: “Those were not Democrats marching … those were far to the left of Kerry. Only problem is…they probably don’t know it.”

We disagree only about what is referred to as the leadership of the ABB crowd: most of these “leaders” are cynical manipulators working on behalf of the Democrats. However, the quote is certainly true of tens of thousands of those who came to march in New York. Many of them can be won for a politics truly independent from the bipartisan political regime.

The leaders of the “ABB” faction, on the other hand, come from the left, Greens, the intelligentsia and the trade union bureaucracy. They have found the “line” of ABB a useful one to maintain millions inside the trap of bipartisanship. For them is just the excuse to continue capitulating to the Democrats.

Millions more, however, are there out of backwardness, inexperience or because they have been manipulated by the Democratic Party’s propaganda. The left needs to help them find the way out of that trap. Fighting together now and, at the same time, building an alternative they can join, a new party of the left with mass support.

Analysis: Ralph Nader’s ballot battles

[No, Nader is not the Green Party candidate , but the attacks here by the Democratic Party are the same as those that have been and continue to be waged by Democrats on Greens .-RS]

By AL SWANSON, United Press International

CHICAGO, Aug. 24 (UPI) — Ralph Nader’s campaign for president vows to press on with court battles to get the independent candidate’s name on the Nov. 2 ballots in Illinois and any state where his nominating petitions are challenged.

Nader appeared on 43 ballots in 2000 when he was the candidate of the Green Party. This year, with Nader running as an independent, his name will be on at least 11 ballots. The campaign hopes to qualify in at least 20 more states and faces deadlines in 17 states in the coming weeks, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho Tuesday.

Nader is confirmed on the ballot in Arkansas, Iowa, New Jersey, Nevada and South Dakota, is on Delaware’s ballot as the Independent Party candidate and is the Reform Party presidential candidate in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota and Montana.

He has not qualified for the ballot in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas.
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