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Chronicle of a Nomination Foretold

The Green Deceivers

By JEFFREY ST. CLAIR, Counterpunch

So now that the American people are finally turning against the occupation of Iraq in huge numbers across both poles of the political landscape, the Green Party, the supposed banner of peace, justice and environmentalism, has settled on a plan of inaction that supports the perpetuation of the war and the corporate contamination of the American political system. That’s the real import of the party’s decision to support David Cobb, the stealth candidate, and his safe state’s presidential strategy.

This leaves the Libertarians (a laudable conclave, despite their unyielding fixation with the tax code) as the only genuine anti-war political party in the general election-unless that master GOP fixer James Baker rushes to a distress beacon from the Oval Office and orchestrates an October deus ex machina, not by whacking Iran or Syria, but by cleaning the neo-cons out of the White House, in which case Bush, itching to exit Iraq, may yet emerge as a born-again pacifist rival to Harry Browne and the Libs. In any event, the mantle of peacemaker won’t be shouldered by the patrician warrior John Kerry or his stiff proxy David Cobb.

The Greens have rendered themselves irrelevant as anything more than a feel-good subaltern to the Democratic Party, a kind of decompression tank for thumb-sucking progressive malcontents. Cobb and his gang say that the safe state’s approach permits them to engage in party-building from the ground up by recruiting fidgety progressive Democrats without scaring them off with the prospect that the party might actually do some damage in the fall elections. Even taken at face value, it’s a silly plan. Why waste time trying to lure Democrats, who long for a return a mystical era (usually represented by FDR or, even more preposterously, JFK) that never really existed? They’ll only flee back to the Democrats with the slightest flurry of rhetorical coaxing. Why not concentrate on the 50 percent of the electorate that has rightly abandoned electoral politics out of boredom, frustration or anger at having no one worth voting for?
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Why Should I Give to You, Mr. Kerry?

Contributed By: Joe Wetmore on the Tompkins County Greens web site

I have been receiving a barrage of fund raising letters from you lately. I find it kind of ironic that the richest member of the U.S. Senate, with a net worth of nearly ½ billion dollars, is coming to me for funds. It is quite clear that you could fund your entire campaign out of your own pocket and not lower your standard of living one bit. Do you really think that I am more able to fund your campaign that you are?

Your campaign has been quite successful in getting people, most of whom have far less wealth than you, to voluntarily send you money. You are receiving a million dollars a day; so much money has been flowing into your campaign that you have decided to forgo federal matching funds.

I wonder, with all that money, why turn to me for more? I remember your, previous, and continued support for the “welfare reform act”. You told the poorest members of our society to stop looking for handouts; that they should pull themselves up with their own resources. Why does this not apply to you, and your bid for the Presidency?

You claim to support Campaign Finance Reform on your website and in your speeches. Yet your actions tell a very different tale. You have taken every action you could to avoid the meager Campaign Finance limits that are on the books now. You are not just trying to work within the system. You proposed the outrageous idea of not accepting your party’s nomination until later in the year. This was you trying to open the door to a whole new level of abuse. Is this what you mean by reform?
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AlterNet: I’m Your Candidate and I Approved This Steaming Pile of Lies and Innuendo

AlterNet: I’m Your Candidate and I Approved This Steaming Pile of Lies and Innuendo

GP Canada


From before the Canadian election.

How to Steal an Election

The Green Version, 2004


We all know what happened four years ago. Arguably 2000′s vote-rigging and Supreme Court usurpation of power had to be the most undemocratic event in the history of presidential politics…until last month that is.

Bad as 2000 was, what would we be saying had a candidate been selected if he had garnered but 10% of the vote in his populous home state? What if he was selected using a system where one had to first pay one’s way to a distant polling place? And, what if once there, one had to pay a “poll tax” just to be able to cast a vote?

Couldn’t happen? Well, it just did. All this and more is the methodology whereby David Keith Cobb was chosen the presidential nominee for the Green Party last month–a guy who as part of his long career on the non-profit dole once was a paid consultant for something called The Center for Voting and Democracy!
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Welcome to the party Norm! What took you so long?

By: Robert Tufts, at The UnRepentant Nader Voter

I would like to welcome you to the Green Party Norman. I know one is not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I can’t help to ask why it took so long? It isn’t as if you had some special attachment to another political party, you were registered as an unaffiliated. I assume you did not disagree with our platform that opposes war, fights for social justice both domestic and abroad, and to protect the environment. However after reading your announcement about your registering Green I think I begin to understand what your disagreement was with the Green Party.

In 2000 the Green Party committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of professional liberals. We split from the traditional left and the Democrat Party. But not only did we split, but we also openly challenged the system in which the professional liberals and Democrats have so much invested. We openly declared that the problem wasn’t only the Republicans, but also the Democrats and their progressive allies. We openly rebelled against the self-proclaimed leaders of the left instead of taking up our roles as Democrat activists like was expected of us. This was the unpardonable sin. However, now with the nomination of David Cobb, the professional liberals let out a sigh of relief. They give us public praise for making a smart decision to join this coalition working to defeat Bush. What they really mean to say is that they are finally relieved to see that we are apparently beginning to re-recognize the authority of the professional liberals that make up the leadership of the traditional left. They are using David Cobb’s nomination as a sign that we have finally come to our “senses?. I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is far from the truth. The Greens will continue to be a fierce and strong voice against the traditional left and the Democrat Party.
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“I Am So Furious Right Now, Mama”

By Yoshie Furuhashi, in the blog Critical Montages

“This group allegedly does not support the Democrats or endorsing John Kerry, but they simply contend that the party should not oppose the “Anyone but Bush” trend, which translated into real world terms means “Nobody but Kerry.”"

“What is terribly frustrating is that many leading intellectuals and organizers of coalitions, organizations, and movements of the left have consented to the hegemony of the Democratic Party in one way or another, diminishing the vitality of social movements ranging from Green, anti-war, to global justice movements, while the public opinion has continued to move to the left — as we can see in the immense popularity of Fahrenheit 9/11, the New York Times/CBS News poll quoted above, and 3-7% support for Ralph Nader registered in various opinion polls — becoming increasingly at odds with the foreign policies of the two pro-war and pro-occupation presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican Parties.”
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