Green Party hopeful goes against odds

GreenParty hopeful goes against odds
Daily Pilot, CA –
The Greenparty has never had a member elected to Congress, but congressional candidate Béa Tiritilli is aiming to be the first.
Minuteman brings immigration to foreDaily Pilot
Campbell leading 48th fundraising contestOCRegister
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Birth of party on a green mission

[From The Welwyn & Hatfield Times ]

Green Party branch founders making a recycling point at the Cole Green waste disposal site
A WASTE disposal site was chosen as the setting for the launch of the district’s newest political party.

Members of the Welwyn and Hatfield Green Party gathered at the Cole Green site on the A414 near Hatfield to promote one of their key aims – recycling.

Councillor Jill Weston, who defected from Labour to the Greens last year, said the party had taken a few months to set up.

She said: “I joined the national Green party and it’s taken a while to get to know some of the other members who live locally.

“We had a couple of meetings and decided we wanted to have a proper local party and do the things local parties do.”

Anyone interested in joining the party can contact Cllr Weston on 01707 331643 or email

Green Party Candidate Runs for Governor – WKSU News

GreenParty Candidate Runs for Governor
WKSU News, OH –Nov 29, 2005
Ohio’s GreenParty is fielding a candidate for governor in next year’s election. He’s Bob Fitrakis, a 50 year old political science
Fraudbuster Bob Fitrakis announces bid for governorshipColumbus Free Press
‘Fraud buster’ Bob Fitrakis Announces Bid for Ohio GovernorshipGreen Party US (press release)
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Green Party Has Best Showing Ever in New York State



November 29th, 2005

Party Confident of Recapturing Full Party Status in 2006 Gubernatorial Elections

The Green Party had its best electoral showing ever in New York State this year, including electing its 5th and 6th current office holder. The Greens also did well nationwide. 

The Greens said their strong showing in the 2005 elections bodes well for the party obtaining at least the 50,000 votes (approximately 1%) needed to regain their official party status. While the Greens successfully sued in federal court to retain the right to enroll as Greens, their candidates are forced to comply with the more difficult ballot access rules for independent candidates.

Mary Jo Long, who polled more than 50,000 votes for the Greens three years ago in her race for Attorney General, was elected to the Afton Town Board.

Continue reading State Press Release at GREEN PARTY OF NEW YORK STATE

Straw poll result

Ken Sain ran a straw poll to on people’s preference for the Green Party’s 2008 presidential candidate. I always find those sort of polls fun (though this nomination is a while a way yet).

As Ken says, the top two people in the poll have not expressed any interest in running, and as others have pointed out, some of the people named (and other names that usually come up in discussions) have declined to run (sometimes repeatedly) in the past.

Certainly name recognition is a big part of the popularity, and no criticism implied but we don’t know just what the group of self-selected voters consists of in this poll.

My only complaint, and hey its Ken’s poll so he gets to choose who he wants, is that it is both limited (particularly at this early free-for-all time) and there are a lot of Democrats or Democratic leaning folks in it. About half the people named in the poll are either Democrats, or in some way have supported the Democratic Party or its candidates (particularly its last presidential candidate).

For instance I supported Winona LaDuke in 2000, but she when for Kerry in 2000, and Cynthia McKinney has made it clear that she wants (needs) to remain a Democrat.

When you also take out the people not at all likely to run, I’d say Cobb and Nader for example though others may differ, I don’t think we have many real candidates left.

I think such a poll will become more interesting with more serious Green candidates that might actually run. I’ll vote early and often in Ken’s (or whomever’s) next one.


[From Ken Sain: Greens, Gays & Government]

The deadline for the straw poll of 2008 Green Party presidential candidates has passed. There were 209 votes cast and former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez won the IRV election, 86-84 over former Green Party vice presidential nominee Winona LaDuke.

Those two had been at the top of the poll almost from the beginning. Neither Gonzalez nor LaDuke has expressed any intent on running that I’ve heard of. The only declared candidate for the Greens’ nomination to date is Kat Swift of Texas.

Here are the first-round results.

I’ll run another straw poll in about four months, adding in some of the new names suggested by readers.

Greens call for cross-party support to fight climate change

Greens call for cross-party support to fight climate change (subscription), Ireland –
The GreenParty has called for cross-party support to tackle the effects of climate change on Ireland. The party’s latest Private

Green Party activists exhibit individualism that is a hallmark of …

GreenParty activists exhibit individualism that is a hallmark of
Coon Rapids ECM Publishers, MN –
GreenParty of Minnesota activists seem hopeful, glum, content with a limited objective — exhibit the individualism that’sa hallmark of third parties.

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