Oxfam CEO to be Green candidate

By: Julie Moffett (NEWSTALKZB)

AUCKLAND – The Green Party has a new candidate in Auckland, with the CEO of Oxfam New Zealand announcing his intention of running in the 2014 election.

Barry Coates says he will most likely run for Epsom or Maungakiekie, both currently held by right-wing MPs.

“The odds are that I wouldn’t get elected as a constituency MP. That’s just the nature of it.

“I would hope to significantly increase the party vote.”

Mr Coates will resign from his charity role, and will know by March if he will be running for either of the central Auckland electorates.

“I’m joining at a time when I think the Green Party’s doing great work, and is really focusing on many of the issues that people really care about in our country.”

Photo: Sir Bob Geldof with Barry Coates in 2006 / NZ Herald

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Expanding government transparency loopholes to include Blackberry Pin-to-Pin messages, which are not stored on a server and so are essentially irrecoverable once deleted, and then conducting state business with aides almost exclusively over Pin-to-Pin. What’s next, Andy, Snapchat? Withhold documents from Cuomo’s time as Attorney General, and even remove previously public documents from NY State Archives. Appointing donors to state positions, and ...

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