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Suffolk Green Party Endorses Transgender Day Of Remembrance

The Suffolk County Green Party continues its support of Transgender Day Of Remembrance (TDOR). TDOR is a worldwide event held every November to raise awareness about discrimination, violence, and murder directed against transgender (living as or expressing a gender other than the one expected at birth), intersex (biologically in-between or outside male and female), and gender-nonconforming (acting in any way contrary to gender stereotypes) people, to commemorate the lives of transgender, intersex and gender-nonconforming people around the world who've been killed due to this kind of discrimination and violence within the past year, and showing transgender/intersex/gender-nonconforming people and allies' commitment toward making a more safe, understanding and accepting world.

The Green Party believes in supporting the safety, dignity and equality of all people, regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Our diversity platform includes LGBTIQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer/Questioning, Asexual, and those not identified with any of these letters) people. We oppose discrimination and violence, including any directed against a person’s expressed or perceived gender or sexuality. In keeping with our Pillars of social/economic justice, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom and and peace/nonviolence, the Green Party of Suffolk supports Transgender Day Of Remembrance, both as an event and in its local observances.

For general information about Transgender Day Of Remembrance, please visit

Information on local Long Island TDOR observances:, (more added as events may be announced):

Greater Long Island Transgender Day Of Remembrance
Sunday, November 19th 2017, event starts at 7 p.m.
Congregational UCC Church of Sayville
131 Middle Rd., Sayville (631) 589-1519

LGBT Service Center Network of LI
34 Park Avenue, Bay Shore Pride
Wednesday November 15th 2017, 7-10 p.m.10 P.M.
Phone: (631) 665-2300

Pride For Youth youth-to 30 event
Tuesday, November 14th 2017, 4-8 p.m.
Pride For Youth LGBT Youth Center 2050 Bellmore Ave., Bellmore
website: Phone: (516) 679-9000

For any questions, or to reach GP Suffolk’s Lavender LGBTIQA+ Caucus contact, please email Cynthya BrianKate at

The Red and Blue fight for the Green Party ballot line

The Green Party of Suffolk County would like to inform the people of Suffolk that it has not endorsed any candidates in the Town and the County races of 2017.

It has recently come to our attention that mailers have been sent out to Huntington registered Greens, designed to look as if they originated from a legitimate Green Party campaign or the state Green Party. We have not sent out any mailers this year to our Suffolk County members, and neither has the state Green Party.

In a misguided attempt to pull votes from Democratic candidates, Republican notary publics have misused the Green Party line and petitioned a slate of Green Party candidates on the ballot in Huntington. Not to be outdone, Democratic notary publics are also trying to steal the Green Party line by filing petitions that have forced a primary for Huntington Supervisor, Superintendent of Highways, Town Council, and Legislature in the 18th District.

In the Town of East Hampton, similar primaries have been forced with a chance to write in candidates from other parties.

While New York State election law permits these actions, the Green Party strongly objects, since the Green Party reserves its line on the ballot for members who truly stand for our values. Opportunity to Ballot and related procedures are designed specifically to allow the larger parties to raid the ballot lines of growing parties like ours. Green candidates do not​​ accept corporate donations, as to ensure that once elected, our officials will place the community before profits.

Most importantly we must point out the unethical treatment of Green Party registered voters​. They are deceived by petitioners into thinking they are signing petitions for Green Party backed candidates. ​Those petitioning do not reveal that they are not Green Party members, and though by law​ they​ do not have to volunteer that fact, voters have the right to expect a higher ethical standard of lawyers and other notaries.

​N​ow we are being deceived with ​mailings from other political parties ​appearing to come from Greens.

​To be clear, there will be Green Party primaries this September 12th in the towns of Huntington and East Hampton, and in Legislative District 18. The candidates that will be on the ballot, and the candidates Greens are being asked to write in are both being promoted by Democrats or Republicans in attempt to use the Green Party line to promote their own party's interest, and are not supported by the Green Party of Suffolk, nor will voting for them help advance the Green Party.

But to our fellow Greens, if you can keep only one thing out of this whole ordeal, may this reminder stay with you: always ask if the petition you are signing is being carried by an enrolled Green and is for a Green Party candidate! If in doubt, contact the Green Party of Suffolk.

If you would like to find out how to get involved in our future campaigns, including our fight for Universal Healthcare in New York State, please make sure to sign up for our mailing list and like our Facebook page to stay informed.


Click the image below to download the flyer.

Please distribute


Last day to register for General Election - Oct. 13th
General Election - Tuesday 7 November 2017

REMEMBER: You must be registered in order to vote. You may register if you are 18 years of age by Election Day; a resident of the county for at least 30 days prior to the election, and a citizen of the United States. If you have moved since the last time you voted, you must re-register.

Green Party of Suffolk Update on Green Party Judge candidates, and views on Criminal Justice

The Green Party of New York State has a ban on the policy of endorsing Democratic and Republican candidates, because those parties do not agree with the Green Party’s worldwide Four Pillars of Social and Economic Justice; Grassroots Democracy; Ecological Wisdom, and Nonviolence/Peace.

Andrea H. Schiavoni, a Democrat running for Southampton Town Justice, has taken advantage of New York State Election law by placing herself on the Green Party line. New York State election does not require Schiavoni to inform Green Party members who sign their petitions that the candidate is not in their party or endorsed by their party.

When deciding to vote for Schiavoni on the Green party line, it is a good idea to share the national Green Party’s three goals in the area of criminal justice, which are to reduce the prison population; invest in rehabilitation: and end the failed war on drugs.

The United States has the highest incarceration and recidivism rates of industrialized countries, while our nation's criminal justice system in general is too often inhumane, ineffective, and prohibitively expensive. With less than five percent of the world's population, the United States locks up nearly a quarter of the world's prisoners. Our law enforcement priorities place too much emphasis on drug-related and petty, non-violent crimes, and not enough on prosecution of corporate, white collar, and environmental crime. The majority of prisoners are serving terms for nonviolent, minor property and drug addiction crimes, or violations of their conditions of parole or probation, while the poor, the under-educated, and various racial and ethnic minorities continue to be over-represented in the prison population.

The negative effects of imprisonment are far-reaching. Prisoners are isolated from their communities, and often denied contact with the free world and the media. Access to educational and legal materials is in decline. Prison administrators wield total authority over their environments, diminishing procedural input from experts and censoring employee complaints.

The Green Party finds that US priorities must include efforts to prevent violent crime and address the legitimate needs of victims, while addressing the socio-economic root causes of crime and practicing policies that prevent recidivism.

The Green Party opposes the increasingly widespread privatization of prisons. These prisons treat people as their product, and provide far worse service than government-run prisons. Profits in privately run prisons are derived from under staffing, which severely reduces the acceptable care of inmates. Greens believe that greater, not lesser, public input, oversight, and control of prisons is the answer.

The Green Party calls for an end to the "war on drugs", and for treating drug abuse as a health issue. The "war on drugs" has been an ill-conceived program that has cost billions of dollars misdirecting law enforcement resources away from apprehending and prosecuting violent criminals, while crowding our prisons with nonviolent drug offenders, and disproportionately criminalizing youth of color.

The Green Party also calls attention to the fact that more than forty percent of those 2.3 million locked down come from America's black one-eighth.

The Green Party recognizes that our nation's ostensibly colorblind systems of law enforcement and crime control, from police practices to prosecutorial prerogatives, to mandatory sentencing and zero-tolerance, have effectively constituted an ubiquitous national policy of racially selective mass incarceration, a successor to Jim Crow as a means of social control, a policy that must be publicly discussed, widely recognized, and ultimately reversed. The nearly universal, though largely unspoken nature of this policy makes piecemeal reforms not accompanied by public discussion of the larger policy ineffective outside the context of a broad social movement.

Green Party of Suffolk Urges NY State Senate to
Move Forward on Pro-LGBT Legislation

The Green Party of Suffolk County, NY is adding their voice to those calling on the NY State Senate to stop blocking two pro-LGBT bills so that they may see a vote. We ask all who feel LGBT individuals deserve equal rights to contact the NY State Senate to urge them to pass these bills.

The first bill, introduced by Sen. Daniel Squadron, is NY Senate bill # S-61-b, also known as GENDA, or the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. This bill will amend all existing state human/civil rights and nondiscrimination laws to include the category of Gender Identity and Expression, making it illegal to discriminate against transgender or gender-nonconforming people throughout NY State. At this time, only Suffolk County, the New York City Metro area, and several townships in Upstate New York have explicit gender rights protections. A state law is needed to make these laws enforceable, and to make the entire state of NY a place trans and gender-nonconforming people can live in safety and with dignity. While the state has passed recent measures to reinterpret existing definitions of the category “sex” to include “transgender and gender-nonconforming people,” it is not the same as an explicit law to protect all New Yorkers.

The second bill, introduced by Sen. Brad Hoylman, is NY Senate bill # S-121. This bill is designed to ban the use of “conversion therapy” on LGBT youth. Although it has been established that gender identity or sexual orientation cannot be changed, there are still those who believe this can be done, exercising discredited and harmful activity on LGBT youth. California, Maryland, and New Jersey have passed anti-conversion therapy laws, but New York has not. We ask you to contact the Senate committee heads listed below and urge them to let these bills out of committee and to support them.

We urge you to contact your individual NY State Senators, encouraging them to support these bills.

The text of NY State Senate page for GENDA (S-61-b).

The text of NY State Senate page for the Anti-Conversion Therapy bill s-121.

To contact NY State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to urge him to put these bills to a vote before the Senate session ends in June:
Albany office: (518) 455-2071
Suffolk County office: (631) 361-2154

To contact the committee GENDA is currently in: Sen. Andrew Lanza Investigation and Government Operations Committee
Albany office: (518) 455-3215
Staten Island office: (718) 984-4073

To contact the committee the Anti-Conversion Therapy bill is currently in: Sen. Robert Ortt Mental Health Committee
Albany office: (518) 455-2024
Lockport office: (716) 434-0680

Unsure of who your representative is? You may find that information at For further inquiries, please contact Press Secretary Marisa Pizza at:


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In addition, Suffolk Greens may also petition to become State Committee members, so they can represent their area at GPNYS.

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