Dear Colleagues,

I hope this is a whimsical and positive enough way to express my feelings about the forming Women's Caucus.

I feel very good that I have thought of an action that will counteract my feeling of loss at by-laws being passed that I think oppress me as a woman.

I am asking for others to sign on.

If many people sign on to this, I will ask it to be posted at national as a kind of "minority report" to the passing of the NWC by-laws.

Please circulate widely. Greens may sign on by sending an e-mail to:

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Statement of Freedom

Women (& men) for Freedom of Thought and Respect within the Green Party of the United States

This letter is a celebration of our solidarity as independent-minded citizens and free-thinkers.

This letter is an affirmation that the signatories believe in the freedom of women to belong to the Green Party of the United States (GP-US) separate from anyone else's definitions, and separate from representation by any caucus.

We are women (and men) without borders. Some of us belong to a caucus. Many of us do not. We invite members of the women's caucus to belong and be borderless all at once.

We think it is fabulous that women in the Green Party have come together inside GP-US to make a woman's identity caucus: But, that does not affect our identity.

We think it is great that the forming Women's Caucus and the GP-US leadership have agreed on a set of by-laws for women. But, even though we may be women, we don't necessarily agree.

To this end, we joyfully disagree with the competitive language of the National Women's Caucus (NWC) by-laws.

And, we joyfully disagree with the idea that dissenters can be labeled disrupters and removed from list-serves and membership rights.

We are Women (& men) for Freedom of Thought and Respect within the Green Party of the United States.

We speak strongly and boldly. No one can re-educate us.

We know at the bottom of our hearts that our party and all its groups and committees and sub-groups and sub-committees welcomes and invites transgendered people. So, we frown at the weird asterisk at the end of the NWC by-laws. We reserve the right to frown joyfully and still be women (&) men greens.

Those of us who are women, proclaim our right to be women and not be represented by the actions of this caucus. We are large, we contain contradictions.

Most importantly, we proclaim that no one will ever be kicked out of this letter.

In Feminism and the Joyful Solidarity of Dissent,

Kimberly Wilder
New York

Signers So Far:

Kimberly Wilder
Maria Kuriloff
Betty K. Wood
Stacie Trescott
Carolyn Dulai
Roger Snyder